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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Wish To Be Planet-Friendly?: Save!

It's a tough competition out there in market.

Good for the customer who is expected to get better quality and better delivery.
But does s/he get it at better price?

Not always, because innovative marketeers have learnt to intelligently 'differentiate' their deceptively pricey 'offers' in order to make the comparison difficult and also to prevent their customers running away to the competition's 'low-cost' and rarely 'high-quality' offers. Sometimes they resort to  'predatory pricing' so low for a limited period of time that competitors get wiped out by then.

Other day I read about a housing complex being 'differentiated' as a 'Sports City' and another one promising to bring home 'Europe' and it's 'use-&-throw' life-style.

What happens if the offers are (low-in-value, in other words are) prohibitively pricey under the disguise of promising a differentiated offer?

Customer might get monitorily wiped out over a period of time if s/he 'falls' for (each of) such wasteful 'differentiations' and 'offers'. Not to mention the mental agony if 'differentiating' features such as 'Olympic-style swimming pool' inside the complex or 'Man-made-beach' there becomes dyfunct with 'dead-trees' around.

So what to do?

No one would want to interfere in one's policy-matter if one goes for buying 'differentiation'. But fact of the matter is to learn to 'differentiate' among so-called 'offers' as: the ones that offer quick-superficial results and the ones that offer long-term value focussed towards needs rather than wants.

Or else find out innovative cost-effective alternatives that not only serve functional (rather than fictional) needs but also reduce consumption expenditure.

For instance, if one finds 'differentiated offer' in picture (lemon being the differentiator) as a value-offer then alongwith it why not leave left-over lemon peels in wash-basin intentionally that could additionally serve as an alternative disinfectant. Similarly why not use orange peels for a quick hand-wash or as a natural skincare tool for a face-wash before considering an 'offer' of a synthetic-cosmetic product's "Look fair in a couple of days" kind of promise. 

Actually consumerism has been pushing both the suppliers and customers away from many such grand 'grand-motherly' solutions that are not only 'eco-friendly' but are also capable of value-adding to one's life if-not-to (life-)style.

Isn't it good to be an eco-sensible and planet-sensitive consumer?

Isn't it good to make a difference by 'being' different rather than falling for want-based differentiations?

Isn't it good to Save-On-Something (S.O.S.) to Save Planet And Life?


  1. For the first time in the history of mankind "Need", "Comfort" and "Luxury" are sold at the same price in India!
    Onions Rs. 75, Petrol Rs. 75 and Beer Rs. 75!

    I received the above on whatsapp. My reply was:

    The reason is .... consumerists pushed themselves so hard towards 'WANTS' (I mean 'desires') that marketeers-n-manufacturers have ignored priority of cultivating 'NEEDS' ...Thereby creating SHORTAGE ..and 'Want-focus' creating WASTE-n-POLLUTION. Naturally Nature also is upset-and-is-in punishing-mood... Nature's cycles are disturbed, I mean.

    What's the solution...?
    Give up 'WANTS' for 'NEEDS'!
    There's an S.O.S.... Saving-Our-Souls by Saving-On-Somewhere, Saving-On-Something.

  2. Read following link to differentiate between Needs and Wants.. ..